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    I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

    — Albert Einstein,

    Jini Bino , A passionately curious lady entrepreneur always mentions the above quoted lines when someone asks about her multitasking ability , as a home runner, a mother , grandmother , a working lady and more over a socially committed person.

    Above all, from that passion, Right now, In UAE and INDIA she is running a fashion boutique for all genders.

    “WARDROBE” – She coined this name for her shop with an intention that the customer should get all types of outfits within the budget and need.

    She passed several struggles a woman has to resist with, particularly while shaping a start up in two different parts of the world.

    Apart from fulfilling her passion, Today WARDROBE is a place where so many employees are winning bread for their families.

    After 2 years of her experience & energy earned from the positive reviews in this field, Jini Bino is unveiling an online shop for WARDROBE. With a single click, we can enter the magical world of different genres of fashion to all age groups.

    Jini Bino is always thankful to her husband Bino Pappen and their kids for providing immense support to light up her passion throughout her life.